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The brightest backyard in Wrocław – Ruska 46, lit by historic neon lights, is a place that brings together cultural organisations, art galleries, music bands, clubs, theatres, NGOs and freelance artists who have their headquarters or studios here. It is a cultural hub for meetings, creative activities, as well as entertainment. The Recepcja club, which is located in the very heart of the artistic enclave, is a place representing the community of neighbouring interests of the Ruska 46 Backyard.

7000 m²

of space for cultural
and social activity

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neon light gallery
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Backyard map

Unsure how to get to an organisation, gallery, or art studio? Check out our interactive map of the courtyard, where you can easily find all the entities that co-create the Ruska 46 community.

Map of the courtyard


ul. Ruska 46A
50-079 Wrocław
GPS: 3122549990’’